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  • Creativity: Intend to build a web no one has seen before. //A regular website is also ok
  • Experience: Shopping, corporate image, or API(e.g., ERP)...
  • Cloud: Using AWS as a basis can be highly scalable and stable for any number of web visitors
  • Prerendering: It's the core of the most advanced web framework (e.g., Next.js), which can speed up the website and be SEO-friendly at the same time
  • Customization: Let's talk


  • Language: We can use Chinese, English, and Japanese for communication
  • Principle: Focus on your need and goal for the web


  • UI/UX: Save users' time on the web with high-speed UI
  • Cloud: We are able to find optimized and cost-saving cloud solutions for you

About us

SIN YU Technology Inc.

was established in 1987,

and persists in the spirit of quality, service, teamwork, and innovation

to grow up step by step.

As the website becomes indispensable,

we created our software department in 2021

dedicated to using cutting-edge tech to increase speed

(and combining with the design most people don't see before if necessary 👍)

to help people to have their (unique) website.